Privacy Policy

What determines the Privacy Policy?

The privacy policy of would receive the personal data of our user including the information about their experience in using our products and services. The personal information that we collect here will help us to identify you such as name, address, email address or telephone number. This policy clearly explains that does not govern any of the companies that it does not own and for people who do not work here. Also, some of the companies that are related to have their own privacy policies.

The Collection and Use of Information will collect and stores some of your personal data only if you register with our website so as to use our products and services. It also receives information from you, if you visit the companies that are related to our partners. While you are here to register with our website, you will be asked to give your name, address, email ID, date of birth, gender, postal code, and your occupation (Optional), interests and some other data that are required for the website as a proof of this consent. Once you have registered with us, you will no longer have to the anonymous user of

To improve the quality of our services and makes it more efficient, we maintain a communication with our customers at will use the information given above on the following general purposes:

  1. To make our website and the contents contained in according to your preferences, and to satisfy your requests for using our products and services.
  2. To collect, store, and synthesize that information from our trusted partners who would provide data and work with us and on our behalf with you. These companies might use your information so as to provide a genuine service that fulfills your requirement.
  3. To confirm that we can send you some of the new information about the products, services and stock keeping at in the form of the questionnaire from one to other business partners.


Cookies are generally small files that a site would transfer the information to its provider and saves it on their hard drive. Cookies site system will identify your browser and will save the information. Using cookies will help us to understand your need and preferences which are based on the materials that you really need or your requirement based on your previous visit to our website. We also collect them so as to analyze the general information on traffic and user interaction with our website. This will be used to improve the performance and services provided by our website.

We use Cookies for:

  1. To understand the preferences of the user on their subsequent visit to our website.
  2. To control advertising on our website

You can even set your browser to notify you each time if the cookie is created a file. You can also disable the creation of these files just by disabling the cookie on your web browser. However, disabling cookies would lead to the reduced efficiency of some function of our website and can also result in incorrect operation.

Exclusion of Liability

This website belongs to, however, the company will not take any responsibility or provide any guarantee to the security and confidentiality of user data pages and links. The existence of such other links will not make any obligations to third persons on their materials.

Changes to this Privacy Policy owns every content in this website and it can change any information periodically and can update this policy, so that it will, not lose its relevance. So, the users should have to read the privacy policy of our website before they begin to access our services. Information about any important changes will be published on this website.