Appium With Selenium Mobile Testing Interview Questions

Make sure that the application’s work meets the essential requirements during the launch/exit. These different tools are Appium, selenium, Robotium, JMeter, Load runner and other tools for tracking like JIRA, Bugzilla, Rally and HP QC etc. You should handle each of them as per the requirement and follow the best testing strategy too. Automation testing is suitable for complex scenarios too. In this step, make a list of features that should not be tested.

Most GPRS mobile devices are Class B. Class C Are connected to either GPRS service or GSM service . Must be switched manually between one or the other service. Spike Testing is a type of performance testing in which application is tested with extreme increment and decrements in the load. It is performed to estimate the weakness of an application. It helps to evaluate the behavior of the software system under sudden increment or decrements in user load. Crowdsourced Testing consists in delegating software testing tasks to a community of expert quality assurance testers through an online platform.

It might be that the same application is working on one OS while it might not work on another version. Appium stands out from other mobile automation devices with the ability to perform regardless of languages. WAP testing is used to test network applications, while web testing is mainly concerned with testing websites and portals. Web applications are not real applications; They are websites that open on your smartphone with the help of a web browser. The latest versions of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 have been announced at its annual WWDC 2020 event on June 22, 2020, with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 released on September 16, 2020.

mobile testing interview questions

World’s No 1 Animated self learning Website with Informative tutorials explaining the code and the choices behind it all. Try the most candidate friendly skills assessment tool today. In case of the android platform, to automate using Appium you will require an only .apk file. In order to find the path between DOM elements or X path elements you can make use of “UIAutomateviewer” in the case of Android application. If logs from these tools are provided, then the cause of the error can be easily found out. Yes, you can run the test in a multithreaded environment but you have to ensure that no more than one test runs at the same time against the same Appium server.

The number of digits in a mobile phone number decide the maximum mobile phones we can have without dialing the country code. Streaming is a process of downloading the data from the server. Streaming media is the multimedia that is transferred from server or provider to the receiver. GPRS is General Packet Radio Service which works on mobile network with the help of IP transmissions. GPRS provides the transmission of IP packets over existing cellular networks.

What Do You Understand By Installation Testing And Uninstall Testing?

This type of testing doesn’t include the internally coding logic of the application. Functional testing performs on the functional behavior of the application to ensures that the application is working as per the requirements. To prevent appearance of security vulnerabilities scanning and active monitoring should be performed regularly at infrastructure and application levels to identify issues. If critical issues were found during scanning they should be fixed as soon as possible. Applications should be tested on multiple devices or different mobile handsets.

mobile testing interview questions

Actually, testing begins before software development process. Testers get navigational charts, screen layouts, other requirements invisible on the design. These requirements are analyzed for completeness and inconsistency. Contradictions in the requirements must be resolved before the start of development.

Top 10 Mobile Application Testing Interview Questions

The mobile application industry is booming with introduction of Androids and iphones. The advantages of automation testing in regression testing. It helps in saving time as in regression testing, a lot of test cases need to be done again and again. So, automation testing will run the scripts to test the same functionality again and again. Load and performance testing can be done through or the best possible way as it requires simulation of thousands of concurrent users and devices, which can be possible through tools only.

  • The next thing to pay attention to is to assure the launch of the application when no network is available.
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  • Due to previous experience with similar systems, they may have insights into what could go wrong, which is very useful for testing.
  • Appium session- Since appium is done in a test session, it is important to start an Appium session to run the test.
  • So the internet is not always available, or is not of the best quality.

The finished app is built into an IPA file, which has to be signed by some certificates. Xcode helps to do it all automatically using the Distribution Certificate and the Provisioning Profile, which connects the DC to the app ID. Google has also introduced a new publishing system called Android App Bundles, which offers a smaller APK size and manages signing, but it’s not available for older Android versions. They’re both relevant to making the app available (and user-friendly) in languages other than the default language.

Advanced Mobile Testing Interview Questions

Moreover, there are sometimes restrictions on automation when it comes to using the same outside the framework. It is commonly called the Instrumentation Test Runner and is basically a runner which is responsible for smoothly running the test case on an application package. The tools that offer API and the SDK tools are present in this runner and it is responsible for writing the programs that control the Android gadgets. This brings us to the end of the blog on mobile test interview questions.

A smart speed test and a global server network method ensure accurate results. Resistive touchscreen – It consists of two layers that form an overlay on the screen. When the finger is placed at any point on the screen, the two forms receive contact and coordination. These are relatively inexpensive and are found right on most budget phones. The downside is that a certain amount of pressure is required to enter the touch.

You can also use your response to introduce a third type of application, which can help you further prove your knowledge to a hiring manager. In the modern phone, there is a shortcut on the home screen only that can be used to connect with available devices quickly. You need to check whether the app is installed or uninstalled properly from the mobile device. Several tools are available on Google Play or Apple App Store designed for CPU usage testing, such as CPU Monitor, CPU Stats, Usemon, CPU-Z, etc. These all are advanced tool that records all information about processes running on your device.

The monkey procedure is the one that simply makes sure that the users are able to access the configuration options without facing any problem. It also simply makes sure of the availability of all the debugging options. Moreover, users can get an idea of the operational constraints easily.

The developer must foresee rejecting and provide a way to still use some of the app’s features, which can work without the rejected sensor or data. Permissions can be granted or denied not only when the app is run but also from the user’s settings, so the app has to always check for it. Internationalization (“i18n”) is the process of adapting app code to other languages. It also requires taking into account the user’s timezone.

The channel through which the application is distributed (e.g., App Store, Google Play or direct distribution). Every time the code changed, use of continuous integration and test execution is necessary. The availability of defects tracking tool is just too many, but tools such as Jira, QC, Bugzilla and Rally can be used for best practices. Yes, it’s possible to install an SD card in the emulator with the below given a command.

Q Mention What Is The Android Testing Strategy?

Native App is the application, which has been developed specifically for one platform . Those apps that are equipped with a wrapper around the web view is known as a Hybrid app. This is native control that will facilitate the interaction with the web How to improve mobile QA practice content. The commands are generally translated to the actual device which affects the performance. Support automation test on a physical device as well as simulator or emulator both. Provides cross-platform for Native and Hybrid mobile automation.

First time launching an application without having network access. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula to translate your tests into Selenium tests. Some time some issue appear on particular version device and OS of the device also do matter.

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The latest version of the Android mobile operating system is Android 11. This is the eleventh major release and the 18th version of Android. The Google-led Open Handset Alliance developed this operating system for mobile devices, and its latest version, Android 11, was released on September 8, 2020.

What Strategy Should We Follow To Test A New Mobile App? Which Types Of Testing Should We Include?

This technique uses the actual test case document developed by testers using a spread sheet containing special “key Words”. In incremental testing there are two approaches namely bottom up and top down approach. Drivers are used in bottom up testing and stub is used for top down approach. In order to test the main module, stub is used, whuich is a dummy code or program .

Limited access to the devices often used in the foreign countries. Let’s consider the main points and challenges we should face to. Native Apps creation is expensive in comparison to the Mobile Web apps.

Testers can install apps such as Usemon, CPU Stats, CPU Monitor, and CPU-Z for best practices and receive some advanced options for help. Mention some IPad and iPhone testing tools and their usability. This question gauges a candidate’s familiarity with different types of applications and emphasizes their general knowledge of the industry. In your answer, briefly describe these two applications’ differences.

Installation testing verifies that the installation process goes smoothly without the user experiencing any difficulty. The uninstall test can be summarized in one line because “uninstalling should sweep the app-related data only once”. It is very important to get usability testing in place from the initial stage of application design, and this should not be done only when the application is completed. Usability testing requires excessive involvement of users, and output can affect application design, which is very difficult to change in later stages of the project.

This is because it takes a lot of time, as well as efforts to build different test cases and developing the strategies. Thus, the Robo-electric approach simply lets the users run the Android test without depending o a simulator. The very first one is storing the test cases together with the source code. The next one is assuring that the rooted devices (devices on which a customized OS has been installed as Android is an open-source technology) should be avoided. In-network applications, WAPI has important applications. People often complain about applications not working satisfactorily after an update.

Q Why The Use Of Monkey Tool Is Significant In A Testing Procedure According To You?

Any proper automation does not require as little interference from humans as possible since the equipment used is built to install the test once. It cannot simulate all types of user interactions; So it can sometimes give wrong results. They can take full advantage of all device features – camera, GPS, accelerometer, compass, list of contacts, and so on. The initial version of Android 12.0 was released on February 18th, 2021 on Google’s Pixel devices.

What Is Appium Inspector?

Certain performance unavailability through the device is ON will fall into the block bug list. List out some of the best automated mobile testing tools available today. The application should be tested on 4G, 3G, 2G, and WIFI. Even though 2G is a slower network, testers should verify the application on it to track the application performance. To test the web interface in an iPhone sized frame, we can use iPhone tester. The Appium testing tool can be used to test automation in native and hybrid iOS applications.